Multi-agency safeguarding


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Welcome to Slough Safeguarding training offer for 2019-2020. Training priorities arise from the views of the safeguarding children training sub-group, the East Berkshire safeguarding Adults Training sub-group and consultation with the Safer Slough partnership.  We have been ambitious in bringing these elements together as we want to encourage everyone who works with children, vulnerable adults and those involved in tackling crime and fear of crime to work together and we are providing opportunities for them to learn together.

The training offer for this period has been agreed by all of those partnerships and is also informed by the views of practitioners, their managers and their representatives on the safeguarding partnership board and sub-groups. Training priorities are difficult to decide. Professionals are working hard everyday to safeguard children and keep our communities safe. Releasing them for training is therefore challenging as operations are depleted temporarily. This means every hour of training is precious and we strive to make it the best that it can be. Our offer reflects training that everyone can prioritise and can attend. We have a combination of 2 hour seminars, short day and whole day training events and we have varied the days and times the best we can. The result is training that is new, contemporary and meets the current needs and demands of busy professionals in the field. The offer is informed by evidence from our training needs analysis and our strategy which emphasises that training should deliver on learning from serious case reviews, safeguarding adult reviews and domestic homicide reviews nationally and locally and this forms the basis of all our training. These lessons permeate through out our training design and delivery. Many practitioners and managers took part in working on this including members of:

What training do I need?

The training offer is entirely about multi-agency working and provided by trainers who are experienced in the complexities of multi-agency learning. We do not provide in-house or single agency training and we do not repeat the training you have in-house. Whatever sector you work in, you must have attended at least your in-house safeguarding introductory training before taking up any of the multi-agency training in this offer. This includes the voluntary sector. You need to have a good understanding of the role of your agency and your professional role in safeguarding in order to acquire the partnership competencies you need. Most of the training is inter-active, dynamic and replicates the practitioners experience in practice. We provide a safe space to develop sound communications, negotiation skills and to be able to provide effective challenge and apply escalation procedures when appropriate. The application of thresholds is a recurring theme in most of the training. The sessions are therefore demanding and attendees need to be prepared to work hard on the day.

The safeguarding partnerships will not determine the safeguarding training needs of individual organisations as this is the responsibility of individual representatives on the partnerships. For example, a Head Teacher and/or DSL in schools will understand the safeguarding training needs of their school and the competencies staff will need to fulfil their safeguarding role. Some of this will be met by in-house training and this will be complemented and strengthened, where appropriate by this multi-agency training offer.

The safeguarding partnership recommends that those who are regularly involved in child protection processes, make referrals, attend child protection conferences and core groups, should have at least 7 hours multi-agency training every two years. This is a minimum and ideally more time spent in multi-agency training will enhance skills and competencies. More guidance on safeguarding adult professionals will be provided soon.

“Refresher training”

The training strategy places an emphasis on ensuring a new learning experience every time a person attends our training. Attending the same course repeatedly does not provide additional learning. Similarly, designing specific “refresher” courses has been replaced by encouraging staff to attend new seminars every year. This updates their knowledge and challenges any assumptions and also provides a new learning experience. So, if you just need an update, attend one of our seminars. 


All training will be evaluated on the day and then several months later to establish impact. Certificates will be issued only to participants who have completed evaluations on the day and have signed the attendance sheet.


Several agencies contribute their time and skills to this training and this is highly valued by all those involved. During 2018/2019 we worked hard to keep costs to a minimum and are tentatively offering training In 2019/2020 free of charge to people who work in the public and voluntary sectors, who are represented on the safeguarding partnership board (a small charge is payable for those in the private sector, £80 for a full day and £40 per half day). This will be evaluated throughout the year to ensure it is viable. Due to the time and effort made by trainers from partner agencies we have to make charge of £100 for no show without reasonable notice (1 week before course) and where a vacant place occurs and cannot be filled from the waiting list due to short notice. This will reduce unfilled places and waste. If you have booked and are unable to attend for any reason, contact to discuss as soon as possible.

Target groups:

We provide training to people based on what they do as part of their role, not on where they are in their organisational hierarchy. In this multi-agency environment, enhancing your contribution to the multi-agency process is our main goal. In this offer, we have tried to avoid terms, such as “levels” and replaced it with a focus on helping all practitioners to work together better.


You will receive a booking confirmation which will have your unique booking reference and code confirming your booking, please bring this along to the training. If you do not receive your confirmation at the time of your booking please contact the safeguarding partnership team. You must bring this confirmation with you to attend your training. In 2018/2019 we have had some people attend training who had not booked and, as we do not like to turn people away, the events became overcrowded so we suggest that you bring your pre-course correspondence with you to the event and sign in on entry so that we can manage this better for everyone. With the exception of the course entitled, “It’s closer than you think”, all events have a maximum capacity of 24 people to ensure the learning experience has the right impact. Eventbrite will close the event automatically when it reaches this limit. Contact us if you have any queries as we monitor volume regularly. In all communications, please ensure you reference your event, so we can deal with your queries as quickly as we can, using the name and date of the course.

All courses are free to book for Slough public sector and voluntary agencies in partnership with SBC however there is a cost for private organisations. £80 for a full day and £40 per half day.


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