Slough Safeguarding Children Partnership

What we do: Working together to safeguard children

Arrangements for partnership working to safeguard children and vulnerable adults have changed.

The Local Safeguarding Children Board and Safeguarding adults board have been replaced by multi-agency safeguarding partnership arrangements. We will make gradual changes to ensure we do not interrupt essential work to deliver on our responsibilities. The safeguarding partnership has an independent scrutineer, David Peplow, who provides an independent perspective, challenge and support.

Locally partners have worked together to agree on how we can continually improve how we working together and this is described in the document below.

Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements

Slough Strategic Safeguarding Leaders Group (Terms of Reference)

Click here to see our strategic plan to end March 2022

Click here to see the Safeguarding Partnership learning and improvement framework

Our objectives can be summarised as:

  • Children needing help, including child protection, get a swift informed and timely response appropriate to their need.
  • Children at risk of, or experiencing, sexual and other forms of exploitation will  get the help and support they need.
  • Children at risk of, or experiencing neglect get timely and sensitive help and support from the people working with them and they are safe.
  • Children living with Domestic Abuse, at risk of FGM and other forms of violence get timely help and support to keep them safe.
  • We work with Safer Slough partnership to ensure this group accounts for the impact it has on safeguarding young people involved in gangs and organised crime, and serious violence.
  • Children who need safeguarding get help and support from skilled competent professionals as a result of evidence informed multi-agency training

Membership is made up of representatives from

Slough Local Authority, Slough Children First, Primary, Secondary schools and colleges, Berkshire Health Care Foundation Trust, Frimley Clinical Commissioning group, Solutions 4 Health, Frimley Health Care Trust, The Probation Service, and Thames Valley Police and Health Watch

Our Tactical Group CLICK HERE FOR TERMS OF REFERENCE has begun working on developing quality assurance and monitoring effectiveness of partnership working to safeguard children and adults in Slough.

The following groups  carry out the work of the safeguarding partnership:

Safeguarding Practice Review
Advancing Safeguarding Practices
Learning and development forum
Safeguarding in education Settings.

We also collaborate with safeguarding partnerships across Berkshire around;

  • Policy and procedures;  carried out by the Pan Berkshire policy and procedures group
  • Child, (including sexual) Exploitation: carried out by the Pan Berkshire Child Exploitation group.
  • The Pan Berkshire Child Death Overview Panel
  • The Pan Berkshire Section 11 Panel (Monitoring compliance of individual agencies to Section 11 of the Children Act 2004)

The safeguarding partnership scrutineer and  manager also meet with the chairs and business managers across Berkshire to develop  a co-ordinated approach and to share and learn.

Meeting/Training Planner 22-23 (Click here to view the planner) Please find list of meetings and training held by the Safeguarding Partnership.